Friday, June 20, 2008

Anniversary flower bed complete

Well, I made enough money picking strawberries this week to afford a truck load of rocks! So, they were delivered this afternoon. I immediately got busy on finishing up the anniversary flower bed. My son also helped haul rocks. He was a big help. I had that done before supper. After supper, my husband & I went out & started on an area in front of the porch. This area had mulch in it, but it needed replaced. So..we dug out all the mulch. We re-did the stone liner & then filled the area with rocks. It looks so much nicer.
Tomorrow, we will tackle the large flower area on the other side of the front door. Amazing what you can do with rocks!!!!


Christina said...

Aren't rocks great. We did the something similar as well. Your flowerbeds look great.

Julie said...

Stunning, well done on a great finish (not stitchy LOL)

Renee said...

The rocks are just awesome!!! Love the finished bed!