Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We have a new family member!

Pamela has come to live with us. She is from the UK.

My online friend, Julie, knits these cuties & what an awesome surprise to go to the mailbox today & find a package from the UK. I thought it was my needleroll for an exchange I was in, but nope! This adorable bunny has come to live with us!!!! Julie added a note asking if I have room in my house for Pamela?
Well Julie, what do you think?!?! I think she fits right in!!! Lots of purple & pink in my house!!!
I also went out & took pictures of all my blooming flowers. We shall see how many fit on a post!



Julie said...

Beautiful bunny and flowers! Thanks for sharing them with us! Do the pink honeysuckle smell? Someone told me they didn't.

Julie said...

YAY so pleased she arrived safely with you Shari.

Lovely flowers.

Christina said...

Congrats on your new family member. Love your flower pics.

Renee said...

AWWWW what a cutie!!!!