Monday, February 2, 2009


I LOVE Monday mornings! A new week, a fresh start.
I figured out why this morning!!!! I have had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend, so Monday I feel refreshed & renewed!!!
Since yesterday was the first of the month, I took a day off of my model & did my Ornament for the month. I chose Snowdon by Jemini Designs, from the 08 ornament issue! I love how it turned out. I still need to buy some buttons & some sort of floss to make his kelp. I thought it was interesting! On the pattern, it said that a sea otter will wrap himself in kelp so he doesn't float away while he is sleeping!!! How cool is that?!?!
We had a bag of frozen fruit with lunch yesterday. It was really juicy, so I set the juice aside in a bowl. When we were doing dishes, my husband asked where I wanted him to put the juice. I said 'leave it where it is, I am going to use that'. So, see attached picture for what I used it for!!! I love how it turned out!!!
Have a beautiful, wonderful Monday!!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by. Please leave comments!!! I love knowing who stopped by!!!


Renee said...

Snowdon is so cute! Your fabric looks pretty too!! Have fun stitching on it! :)

Marianne said...

Shari I love all your WIP's and your ornament. Great job on dying the fabric. : ) Do you have a project in mind for it?

Wendy said...

Snowdon is soooo cute! I just love it!
How nice you did with the fabric, great idea to use the juice for it.
I'm glad to read that you had a wonderful weekend. For us it was a busy weekend and we were 4 days without internet. I missed the internet, I couldn't read the mails and the blogs, so now I'm way behind. But next weekend we will have a relaxing weekend also, I will do a lot of stitching next weekend.

Take care.

Carolyn NC said...

Your otter is precious! Nice dyeing job on the fabric, too!

Anonymous said...

Your little otter is adorable and that fabric is way pretty. Great job.


Anonymous said...

Great way of dying fabby, Cute stitching

Julie said...

Cute little guy. Fabric looks pretty, what you going to stitch on that??

Kathy said...

I love the otter. He is adorable! And your fabric turned out really pretty. What kind of fruit juice did you use?

Cindy F. said...

Cute ornie!! Love that story:)
You did a great job on your fabric dyeing! You smart girl:)

Have you tried to get on my blog lately?

Julie S. said...

You did a great job dying that fabric, great idea. Snowdon is very cute!! Nicely done Shari!

Wayne said...

You did Potter the Otter. Cute

Debra said...

That is so neat! You used the jucie to dye the fabric. Your ornament is really neat too.
Debra in Indiana