Friday, January 8, 2010

A Gift, 2 finishes & a new start!

After 5 LONG weeks, a package that Mylene sent me finally arrived. She had told me about it, since it appeared to have become lost in the mail. Imagine my surprise this week, when I found the package in the mailbox! Oh my! Was it ever worth waiting for! I LOVE this design & just hadn't stitched it yet!
We went to the 'big city' one day last week. We finally got to take our youngest out for his birthday meal. (his birthday was in Oct) Anyway, we went in Barnes & Noble & of course, I had to look at the magazines. I found one of the British ones that I liked. DH told me get it, so I did!!!!! The little card was a kit in the magazine. Too cute!
Next up, I knew I wanted to stitch this little reindeer behind the tree. Imagine my surprise when my grab bag of floss arrived & had the perfect colors in it. I used Carrie's silks for all the colors, except black & white. The fabric is from a 'new to me' shop. The shop is called I ordered a few pieces of different fabrics!! Love them!
I then started another new project. I am going to leave you hanging as to what it is, just show you my start & let you wonder.
I appreciate SO MUCH those of you who visit & then take the time to leave a comment. It means so much to me. It only takes a few extra seconds to leave a comment & you never know how much that little comment can make the persons day. Thanks!!!!!!
Have a great day & a great weekend!


Carol said...

Good morning, Miss Shari! Yay! I am the first commenter... love your two new finishes. I am struggling to even get the first block of Christmas at HRH finished--whew! And that IS a darling ornament from Mylene--can't believe it finally got there after so long. But, it was worth the wait.

Are you as snowed in as we are--and more is to fall today...Sigh! Have a great weekend :)

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely work Shari! Wonder which route that parcel took? We're snowed in here too - third snow day, most unusual in south-east UK!

Katie said...

Your exchange is very nice. I hate the mail sometimes. Your finishes are adorable and yes I'm curious about what your WIP is. Have a great weekend!

Marcy said...

Hi Shari
I just love that snow flake fabric. What is it? How nice your finishes are. That peeking reindeer is sooo cute.

Kathy said...

Oh that new fabric is absolutely stunning! It looks like ti would be perfect for a snowy winter stitch.

I love your finishes. Especially the deer and tree on. Darling.

I look forward to seeing more of the piece you are stitching on that gorgeous fabric.

Julie said...

That fabric is so cool! Love your other goodies too!

Anonymous said...

Love that fabric! I wish I had some, for all kinds of things.

I can't wait to see what you've stitched on it (I know what it is, tra-la-la).


Anonymous said...

Love the fabric. Can't wait to see more. I have to "shop" in my stash to see what fabric I have.


Mylene said...

I am really happy it has finally arrived, the card looks like it was bend, i should have packed it carefully.
Cute finishes you've made and i soooo LOVE the fabric you are using with the new start.

Have a nice weekend.

stitchinfiend said...

Love that gorgeous fabric and such lovely finishes. Glad that your parcel finally showed up. Sometimes I wonder what happens to them and why they are sooo long in getting there and yet other seem so quick.

Carolyn NC said...

Great finishes and such a nice package!

Renee said...

How sweet!!! That little reindeer hiding behind the tree is on my list to stitch this year! He turned out so cute! Your ornament from Mylene is so pretty!