Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PIF time!

Early in 2010, I signed up for a PIF on Carol's blog. I had totally forgotten about this, until just before Christmas. She told me she was working on my PIF gift....I had to ask her when I signed up! I had forgotten!! Anyway, now it is my turn to host a PIF. I am copying her description of it, because it is so easy to understand!
Pay It Forward (PIF)~ verb: "1. to repay the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people."
And now it is my turn! Would any of you like to participate in a PIF from me? The rules are very simple. I will send a stitched gift to three people who leave a comment (on this post only) requesting to join my PIF challenge. Knowing my love of ornament making, it will most likely be an ornament, but who knows--I'll surprise you! I have 365 days to fulfill my end of the bargain. If you are chosen as one of my PIF recipients, then you must offer the same on your blog to keep the kindness going... Please specifically mention in your comment if you wish to be considered for this...If more than three people sign up, I will have a drawing for three names. I will leave the drawing open until Jan. 9th.....
I have attached a picture of the PIF that Carol sent me, along with the Christmas gift she sent me!!! I love BOTH of these & they are on my craft room Christmas Tree.....sure hate to put it away for another year, but will this weekend.


Blu Stitcher said...

I love this, and I would love to do it on my blog, Could you send me more info. I don't know how to sew the ornaments but I have been wanting to learn how to do that. I could do bookmarks or something else. I just need some suggestions.


Mylene said...

Both lovely ornaments you've received from Carol.
Goodluck for the PIF...i am not joining any for next year as i don't know how everything goes....

Mary said...

What a great idea Shari!
I would LOVE to participate in your PIF.
Thanks for the chance :)

Best Wishes to you for a wonderful New Year

Carol said...

So glad you liked the ornament and PIF gift, Shari! I still need to finish my other two PIF gifts for the recipients--glad I had a full year :)

Happy New Year to you and your entire family!

Julie said...

I am so way behind on blog reading Shari...

Good luck with your challenge for 2011. A super finish on the freebie project, so glad you were able to get part 12. Lovely ornaments from your RR

WTG Dad, what a stunning thing to be able to make, so personal and a true treasure to receive

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family

Anonymous said...

Shari, You never cease to amaze me with the speed you are able to do things. I am slow. Great work. Dad