Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Catch-Up!

We knew we weren't going to get to see the boys for Christmas, so grandma didn't stress to get their ornaments done on time.
I had finally got caught up on other obligations, so Friday, I sat down to start the boys ornaments! I have stitched an ornament for each of them each year since they were born, so this makes 4 each.
I purchased this pattern leaflet a while back, knowing they would be perfect for the boys.....three ornaments on the cover!
I finished the first of three Sat. am, very very early. I then finished the second & third thru out the day. This afternoon, I sat down to do the finish work. I wanted something simple, & this seemed the best route to take.
I also have stitched 2 models so far this year, so I have FIVE finishes already! I will show the models, after they are published!!!
Now, it is time to do the ornament for the month of January for myself. I have it picked is just a matter of gathering the supplies & getting started :)
I haven't posted any Elmo pictures lately, so I think it is time for one of them also! We are enjoying 'our boy' so much. He is such a good dog!
Ornaments for our Grandsons!

our Elmo!
Wishing you all a great week! Keep stitching!


Julie said...

Great ornaments

Anonymous said...

What an adorable trio of ornaments you created for your grandsons, Shari! Way to go! Elmo is a cutie! Give him a scratch behind the ears from me!

Robin in Virginia
rlbrowninva @

Lizette Morales said...

I all started all ready on my January
ornament!!!! I'm glad you finish your grandsons ornaments!!! I bet they are going to be really happy to received!!!! Elmo like always looks so sweet!!!!

Barb said...

772The ornaments are so cute. So is your dog.

Linda said...

Really sweet ornaments which your grandsons will have to treasure for a long time.

Elmo looks so sweet in his jumper too.

cucki said...

very cute ornaments xx

stitchinpeanut said...

Oh i just love the ornaments... What a wonderful job! And Elmo... ADORABLE... Christmas sweater and all... Simply adorable. I bet he is a joy!

WendyCarole said...

The ornaments are great and I love Elmo's jumper.

Mylene said...

wow! You sure on a good start for 2013! Such cute ornaments for the boys.
Elmo looks so comfy!!

Carol said...

I love the little penguin ornaments, Shari, and I know the boys will, too!
That is such a nice tradition to stitch them yearly ornaments.

Elmo looks like such a sweet dog--glad he is feeling so "at home" with you now :)

Mary Ann said...

Such cute ornaments for the boys! And, you little Elmo looks like a sweetheart--love his sweater.

Nancy M said...

Great job on the ornies! Very cute and Elmo looks very at home!

Renee said...

AWW!! How sweet are the ornaments for the boys!!!! So cute!!!! Elmo is just sooooo sweet and looks pretty comfy! :)

Sandi said...

That is so sweet you are making the ornaments yearly; they will be treasures.
Nice picture of Elmo.

Happy Stitching !!