Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This piece took forever to do.....I think this was the most boring piece I have ever stitched in my life. I  know I have been busy, but for a piece to take me this long, unless it is something that I put aside to work on something else.......well, that tells you it wasn't my favorite thing to work on.
By just now finishing March, you know my calendar is outdated!  Just the other day, like maybe April 2 or 3, my husband says to me.....why does your calendar say Feb? I told him, I still had not finished March & if he is just now noticing it, I guess I don't feel too bad! If he just noticed it & sits in that room every night for supper, then others aren't noticing it either! ha!!!
So, I have April's set out now.....hopefully I can whip it out pretty quickly & be onto May, so when May comes, I can update the calendar!
It is finally starting to warm up here. Maybe spring is in the near future? My lone crocus bulb has multiplied a bit! I had about 5 beautiful flowers out there!!!
We went to a state park last week. We both very much needed a day away. It was so relaxing. We had a great time walking the trails & seeing the first sights of spring. Elmo had a great time too. He kept right up with us on the many miles we walked!
The babysitting jobs will soon be coming to an end. I only babysit during the school year & one is for a college teacher. So, that one will end sooner than the other. The other, when this school year ends, I will be totally done! Pretty sad! I have babysat for this family for 10 years. I started when the oldest was 2 months old. Now, the youngest is finishing preschool & will be in all day kindergarten in the fall.
I am still loving Thirty-One. I am really hoping it will take off well for me. I am learning lots of ideas, it is just hard to get 'out there'!!!! I have seen people talk about having a facebook party....seems that would be the way some people would like to go!!! You can have the party & not have to clean house, prepare snacks, etc.......everyone who 'comes to the party' just gets on the computer in the comfort of their own home! How about that?!?!?!! :)
Well, I best keep moving here.....thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful week.....get outside & enjoy some sunshine & hear the birds chirp, see the flowers budding, etc......
March Word Play

My Lone Crocus Bulb!


another beautiful view

worn out!


Julie said...

March's word play looks lovely finished Shari, i wonder if it was the dull colours that made it not so enjoyable to stitch.

Your crocus looks lovely, mine too have opened up this past week, we have had some spring sunshine finally.

Carol said...

Glad you stuck with it and finished, Shari--it really is cute. I'm having the same trouble with April's--just can't get into stitching them as adorable as they are :) I skipped Feb. and March, but will probably do both one of these years...

Glad spring is heading your way... Hope you can find some new clients to babysit for next fall, but until then enjoy your free time this summer!!

Natasha said...

I am happy that you stitched it through till the end... it really is a cute design. But I have worked on many pieces where I just stared at it wondering when it would end LOL

That Crocus is such a locley burst of spring :) Hope you have an enjoyable day!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your finish! Hope April's isn't as boring a stitch for you! Your pictures of the park and the crocus are beautiful.

Have a great week, Shari!

Robin in Virginia

Parsley said...

I love these patterns and happy to see another one finished. Have a great week.

Mary said...

March Word Play looks great, Shari.
Congratulations on your finish. Hopefully the rest will go faster for you and be more enjoyable to stitch.
Every now and then I hit one that just drags on but the finished result is always worth it.

Spring has sprung here and the winter clothes are packed away... that's my "good luck charm" for keeping winter long gone. This year was so dreary and l-o-n-g, wasn't it?

Time seems to fly where children are concerned. I'm sure that a lucky family will find you and your former little buddies will never forget you!

cucki said...

wow it is looking so cute xx

Linda said...

Sounds as you and Elmo had a wonderful time - love the photo of him looking worn out but contented.

Good luck with this months stitching goals.

Sandi said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Love the water and flower pictures and Elmo is adorable.

Congratulations on finishing "March". It's no fun stitching something you get bogged down with.

Happy Spring !!

Rita said...

March looks great! I know what you mean about just not being "into" a piece you're stitching. Those are hard to finish when you'd rather be stitching something else.

valerie said...

Great finish Shari! I think this series is so cute. Sorry you didn't enjoy March as much. Your Crocuses are so pretty. Hope you can find some new babysitting gigs. Kids grow up so fast!

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Congratulations on the finish! And well done for finishing something that you personally found 'boring' - I am finding it very hard to get much done at all at the moment! Not much like Spring here in the UK at the moment - it's been the coldest start of the year for about fifty years :(

Lizette Morales said...

Can you please explain more about the the facebook party??? Elmo and flowers are beautiful!!!!

Kay said...

Your finish, March word play looks beautiful! Have had patterns before that I had the same dilemma with and very few times did I stay the course and finish it

Nancy M said...

I think any series that if very similar can get boring at times. I had that with my cottages. I still have 2 to do to finish the year's worth. They will get done sometime and go out every month! Sounds like Elmo has been the perfect match for you. Glad you are having fun with the 31 business.

Brigitte said...

A great finish! I love these designs but I'm sure that I couldn't stitch them all in one row. Happened to me with a couple of series. But so there's always something left for the next year, lol.