Sunday, April 22, 2007

new way of finishing for me!!

well, I decided to get creative! I combined two finishing techniques to create a new finish!! I combined the cube it style with the pinkeep style to create a bathroom smelly!
I took small finishes that I got doing block exchanges on various groups. I then took a bar of Ivory soap that is lavendar scented. I found a piece of fabric to match the stitched pieces & some pins & WAAAAALAAAAA!!! I have new finishes. I told my son these will look cute in baskets in the bathrooms or bathrooms of those who I decide to give them to as gifts!


Renee said...

Yet again you just amaze me with your creativeness!! These are great Shari!!! Congrats on another GREAT idea!!!!

BeckySC said...

They turned out just great, Shari :) BIG congratulations to you :)
Have a great week :)