Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Holiday Weekend finishes & flowers

Howdy all,

I finally have a few free minutes to update my blog.

The weekend was extra busy & yesterday was even more so! But, this afternoon, I have some time. I decided after finishing the redbird sampler last week that it was time to get started on the Lizzie Kate Flip It Bits before I got any further behind. So, I have stitched Jan. & Feb. I am doing them all on the same fabric.

I also got all of the blocks ready for my quilt. I had to do names on some, repair backstitching on some & totally do the backstitching on one of them. All 26 are now ready!! I have to stitch 2 blocks for the bottom corners of the quilt. I finished one of them & am attaching it here. The other one will say WHO did the quilt. I won't be showing that one, as I don't want that "advertised" on a public place like this.

I am also attaching a few of my flower pictures from the weekend. We did a lot of work outside, trying to improve the way the yard looks!!

Summer is officially here weather wise! We have been at 90 or so the past few days.


BeckySC said...

Your LK is looking good :)
Your yard looks good too :)

Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Renee said...

Your stitching and yard look wonderful!!!!

Sally said...

Lovely finishes Shari!

Anonymous said...

Great stitching, as always!

What is the flower you shared? Very pretty!