Friday, May 11, 2007

Non Stitching Post

Hello all,

when I started my blog, I made a comment about this being mainly for my stitching, but now that summer is coming, I must share some of my beautiful outdoor shots. I walked around our yard last night & found a few shots that I want to share. One I wasn't too thrilled with finding, but DH said it is a good thing, so I thought, ok!

I LOVE watching the birds we have here. Last night alone, I saw the hummingbirds, both of the orioles & an indigo bunting. I only took pictures of the orioles.

I also love all the flowers that are starting to show up. I have added a couple of those for your enjoyment!!

Have a beautiful day!!!!


Kajsa said...

Your Columbines are just beautiful! Is that a garter snake? We had one of those sneak into the basement one year, DH had left the door open.

nancy said...

I love seeing others' gardens, so I'm glad you're adding this to your blog!! I have lots of planting to do this week after our trip to the plant nursery yesterday ... want to come help? (But leave the snake at home, please *lol*)

Pumpkin said...

I love the pictures Shari! You can keep that snake though because we already have one ;o)

~Kim~ said...

Beautiful yard!! Wanna come and work on mine?!