Friday, July 27, 2007

another finishing friday!

Well, I managed to have a finishing day again today. I was organized & ready to start first thing this morning. I had picked out pieces last night, that I thought I would do today. I was able to do 4 finishes. PLUS....I was stitching a mail art piece this week & I am happy to report that it is finished as well, but I cannot show pictures of it yet, since it is for an exchange. I will show them thou, as soon as my partner receives it.

The three smaller pieces today are "ornaments" I did for a stitch along on one of my groups. I decided they would make either nice ornaments or pinkeeps. The Diane G. one is too big for a tree ornament, but I can hang it from a drawer knob or something. The other 2 will be nice on the tree.

The fall piece will either be a stitching journal or a photo album. I haven't decided for sure yet. I also have been asked about making these for sale. I haven't decided yet if I should or not!

The herb pieces from last week haven't been hung yet. I decided I want to try to find a "garland type" thing to hang them on. I will have to get to a craft store for one of these.

Thanks to everyone who looks at & comments on my stitching work.


Anonymous said...

Shari, These are really nice. It's great to see you doing something that you love and get so much joy from. Dad

Mylene said...

WOW! You have finished them beautifully!! Well done.

Julie said...

Those are great finishes! How fun!

Renee said...

They look wonderful Shari!!

Vickie said...

You Go Girl!!!! I am impressed with all your finishes!!!! Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great finishes. Good job.