Friday, July 20, 2007

Finishing Fridays

well, I have decided that at least until school starts, Fridays will be called Finishing Fridays. What I mean by this is that I will do the finishing work on already completed projects. I had good intentions of doing more today, but I am really sleepy, so I am just going to do the two that I have done. I MAY do another one, haven't decided for sure.

Anyway, the two I have done today are Hinzeit charts called Herbs. They are both in the same pattern. I stitched both of these last year. They are both done on Sassy's fabby's. (celery)

I love how they turned out. They are going to be hung in my kitchen when my husband gets home. I think I know where I want them, but I need to be sure it is ok to poke holes in the walls!!!

My stitching this week has been on a mailart piece, so I cannot show a picture of it. All that I have done is the names/addresses & a small start on a picture.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

They look great, Shari!! Now, for pictures of them hanging in your home.

Irene said...

Lovely finish. I love the colors in the top Herb.

~Kim~ said...

WOW, those turned out great!! Awesome idea to set aside a day for finishes! I hope to get some finshes this coming week when Im home, on house vacation :D

How is the quilt coming along!?! Do I need to finish it for you!?! he he


Iris said...

These herb finishes are great !!
Well done !!

Anonymous said...

They are so nice, Shari. I like those designs. I have ordered them twice and been told they were not in stock. I guess I will wait awhile and try again.

Anne said...

Very nice, Shari! Great finishes.

Missed you today at HS stitch-in.

Anonymous said...

Shari just gets better and better. Her work is a work of love.

Kajsa said...

They look good! I wish I had more time to work on finishing, it's so much fun!

Meari said...

They turned out great, Shari. :)