Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Beauty of living in the Country

Oh, how I love where we live! There is so much beauty around us! I went out to take floral pictures yesterday am. I am attaching a couple of them here.

I looked out my back door yesterday am & saw the the turkey family. I wonder if this is the turkey family from last year!?!? I have pictures from last year with a mama & a papa & a bunch of young ones. Looks like the same amount or close to it of young ones, only larger!

This morning, as I was walking back over here to the computer, I looked out & there was Bambi, right in my yard!!!! He/she was so close, I could about count the spots!!!!!



~Kim~ said...

WOW, Love your pictures!! Love seeing the corn!!


Vickie said...

Looks very peaceful!!!

Anonymous said...

Just don't let your brother get near those turkeys. Very nice pictures.

monique said...

lovely views! I agree that living away from the city has nice benefits :)

Katie said...

Wow! I am so looking forward to having some of these views soon. I told mom I would love to out in the backyard and see a deer.

Meari said...

Awesome, indeed! I was like 3 feet from a fawn that was trotting along side the road at a wooded state park. I was freakin out wondering where the mama was. I love living in the country.. *sniff, sniff* Miss it. :(