Monday, August 20, 2007

Just received word.........

......the mail art that I did in July just arrived at it's destination. I sent it almost 3 weeks ago. It took forever to get there & then it was damaged when it arrived. I guess I won't be doing one of those again. Why is it, things like that always happen to me?!? Is it any wonder I get feeling the way I do.

Anyway, one of the groups I am in is a mail art exchange group. This was my first one ever. I was so happy with my piece & so excited to get it sent out. The gal just posted this am that it arrived in a postal damaged envelope. UGH!!!!!!!

I am attaching a couple pictures of how it looked when it left the PO here. I was very happy with it.


Renee said...

Shari your mail art looks so beautiful!!! I'm so sorry to hear it got damaged in transport by the postal service. I really was awesome!! I am still anxious to see how the one you get turns out!

Anonymous said...

rfygugwShari, Next time send it in a flat rate box by priotity. Also wrap it in plastic first. If you want to you can insure it also. Don't give up after just one. Where would I be if I quite after my first turning? Love You Dad

Sari said...

Shari, I agree with your dad, don't give up after just one. :)

It's a darnest thing that the damage should happen to your first envelope, but don't worry too much, it could have happened to anyone of us... I'm sure you will be luckier nest time.

I hope you will receive a pretty sea themed envelope yourself! :) (I am too still waiting for an envelope and a reply from my partner if she has received the envelope I stitched for her...)

~Kim~ said...

Your dad had a great point there!! Where would we all be if we gave up after our first mistake.

Oh wow, what a great mail art. Sorry about the mishap on the mailing - did you insure it?! Might get your value back, if there was damage to your package.

Cant wait to see your next mail art!!


Vickie said...

Shari your mail art is so pretty!! I am so sorry it was damaged by the PO.. Maybe the next one will be better!!!