Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Christmas Decorating

I just told a friend that I had finished all of my decorating for Christmas. I told her I should post pictures on my blog, so I decided to go take the pictures & do just that!!!! I posted our tree & my outdoor snowmen a while back. And while I think of it, someone asked about the snowmen! Yes, we made them. My dad has the pattern, so he helped us. My husband did the cutting out & I did the painting. He put them all together! I love my snow guys!!!

I hope you enjoy some of my decorating. Merry Christmas!!! More pix in next post!!!


~Kim~ said...

Oh wow Shari!! Great decoration! Thanks for the tour!!

Wanna come over and do mine now?! KIDDING!!

Thanks for sharing!

Pumpkin said...

Great pictures Shari!

Renee said...

Your decorating is so cute!! I love all of your snow guys and all of your Christmas stitching!!