Sunday, December 16, 2007

more snow pictures

well, we have shoveled ourselves "out" now. It took 3 of us 3 hours+ to get it done. I didn't take pictures after that, but I do have some more before we started.



Mylene said...

Thanks for sharing, Shari. Great pictures.

Pumpkin said...

Yup! That's a lot of snow ;o) LOL!

I hope it has stopped your way. We're supposed to be done by tomorrow.

Leena said...

Oh you have lots of snow! I'm anxiously waiting for snow to arrive here! It looks though that we might not get snow for Christmas this year, it would be the first Christmas for me without any snow.

Thank you for sharing these photos and also the photos of your Christmas decorations, beautiful!

Rachael said...

Send some of that snow my way! lol I would love for my kids to have a white christmas!!

mar77721 said...

Wow! What pretty shots of the snow coming down. It's always so peaceful then. I think you got way more snow than we did though. But we're looking at another snowstorm coming tonight!


Meari said...

Is winter over yet??? LOL I'm ready for spring.