Sunday, December 16, 2007

winter wonderland

it is Sunday morning & we are usually at church at this time of morning. Well, for the second week in a row, church is cancelled. Last week, it was due to LOTS of ice. This week, it is snow. Looking out, from inside my warm house, it is beautiful. Christmas card picture weather. But, reality way do I want to get on the roads. And, where is the snowblower that guy at Big R tried to sell us yesterday!?!? Oh wait, I said we don't NEED one!!! HA!!!
Anyway, here are a couple pictures, taken from my front porch. (I haven't stepped outside yet!!!)


Anonymous said...

Shari, it is the same way here. LOL! The dog couldn't get through the snow this morning. Had to go out and clear an area out for him.
Debra in Indiana

Anonymous said...

wow- never had a church cancel before! Must be awful; but your pics look pretty :)

I love snow when I don't have to go anywhere LOL

Pumpkin said...

Pretty pictures Shari although "I" would like to give our snow back ;o) LOL!