Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Finally finished & Feb. ornament finish

Woohoo!!! I have finally finished this piece called acorns & owls. I started it way back in Nov., but I kept putting it aside. It was my "take to the doctor's office" piece. I decided Sunday that it was getting finished!!! I finished the stitching on it Monday & made the cube today.

The other picture is of the piece I stitched for an ornament SAL. I am not making all of mine into ornaments & this one is one that isn't!! I couldn't "see" it finished as an ornament, but thought it looked great as a sachet!!!

Thanks for looking & for commenting! It is encouraging to know others look at my work!


Renee said...

Acorns & Owls turned out very cute!! Love your finishing too!! Your L*K Joy turned out so cute finished as a sachet! Good idea!!!

Christina said...

Your finishes are great. I love how you are using your dip and chip bowl as a candle holder. Very clever.

Mylene said...

Congrats on the finishes, Shari. I love the Acorns & owls.

~Kim~ said...

Come see me. I awarded you. :)


Kajsa said...

Those are both so pretty!