Tuesday, October 2, 2007

our weekend away

This past weekend, DH & I got away for the weekend. He is a big fan of all types of planes, but especially old planes. Well, there was a HUGE air show in Grove City Ohio this past weekend.

So, we headed over on Friday. I got to meet Lauren & Nancy & see Renee again. We all met at the Cross Stitch shop. Where else would we meet?!!?!

That evening, those of us who could, all went to supper together. We had a real nice evening!
Sat. was the air show. It was a gorgeous day! We really enjoyed it. I was able to sit & stitch while we were there. We could not have asked for a nicer fall day!!
That evening, DH & I went out to supper by ourselves.

Sunday am, we decided to sleep in a little & then we were heading to the zoo. Well, we didn't get very far. We went out to load the car & found a flat tire. We had picked up an old rusty nail somewhere. So, we put the donut spare on & off to Walmart we went. Thank goodness for Walmarts! Not too many other places open at 9 am on Sunday morning!!! We checked out of the hotel at 11 & headed to the zoo. We decided to not let the bad morning discourage us!

We felt we were rewarded for our decision! We paid our 5.00 parking fee, then went to the admissions gate, expecting to pay 10.00 each to get in. The gal asked if I had a Kroger plus card. Well, our Kroger isn't called Kroger, but thankfully, the card says Kroger on the back!!!! We got in for 3.60 total!!!!!!!!

The zoo is AWESOME!!!! I am attaching pix of some of my favorite animals. I have never seen some of the animals we saw at this zoo.

We got back home late that evening & I haven't slowed down since!!!!


Vickie said...

Those animals are so cute. I just want to cuddle the Koala bear! Sounds like you had fun despite the nail in the tire.

Mylene said...

Glad to hear you had a great time despite of the early trouble with the tire. Beautiful pictures taken too.