Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've been Tagged!

My dear friend Shirl has tagged me.
I am to post 7 interesting facts about me.
Boy, I bet this will be hard!!!
Here goes:

1. I was named after Shari Lewis (we shall see how many people date themselves on that)

2. My mother & I had a pattern going, til I messed it up! I was born 20 years after her, I graduated HS 20 years after her, I got married 20 years after her, but....I was 21 years before my first child...hers was 20!

3. I very rarely watch TV.

4. I love the out of doors & autumn is my most favorite time of year.

5. I love to read & stitch & walk.

6. Take me to a zoo & I am a happy girl!!!

7. I make homemade Christmas candies every year & when I talk about quitting, I get in trouble with family members!

I am suppose to tag friends to do this too! So, if you are reading my blog, you are my friend & I tag you to post your list!!!!!!

Have fun!


WendyCarole said...

Oooooh I grew up watching Shari Lewis

Heidi said...

Well at least you were named after Shari and not Lambchops...LOL! How cute. I share your love of autumn. I grow more cheerful with each day as the colors start to appear. I enjoyed reading these little facts about you Shari.

Hugs ~

"Magnolia" said...

I enjoyed reading them, too! I think it's cool that you and your Mom had that 20 year thing going on.

I agree with Heidi, better Shari than Lambchop! LOL

Julie said...

I remember Shari Lewis and lambchop!

Sweetie said...

What a nice blog! I enjoyed the answers to the questions. Yes - I remember Shari and Lambchops.

Meari said...

LOL, isn't Shari Lewis the short haired blonde lady with the lamb puppet? I vaguely remember seeing snippets of her when I was very young.

Debra said...

Shari, LOL! #7 you also will get in trouble from your friends if you don't make your Christmas candies.
Debra in Indiana