Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday progress photos

Where in the world did last week go?!?! I was so busy, there was barely time to pick up needle & fabric. I feel like I didn't stitch at all.
Monday was so full, I barely had time to breath. Tues, I got up with a migraine, so that kept me still for half a day. Thankfully, it cleared up before lunch. Tues. afternoon & Thurs. morning, I spent out at the strawberry patch. What sad times. My strawberry man is no longer going to do strawberries, so we were clearing out the watering tapes & the plastic. It just looks like a bunch of dirt out there now.
On the stitching front, I did work on my Autumn Harvest and my Monopoly board. Not a lot, but I think you can see progress.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week! It is Monday, so all is well!!!! I love Mondays!!!
Thanks for looking & special thanks to those who comment!!! I love hearing from you & knowing who visits!!!


Julie said...

Lovely progress on both pieces despite your busy week

Mylene said...

Both progress are coming along great, Shari!

Meari said...

That's too bad about the strawberry patch. Your WIPs look nice, Shari.

Renee said...

Both projects looks great Shari! They both look like a lot of fun!

~Kim~ said...

Great progress Shari!


Milly~ said...

Your Autumn Harvest looks wonderful Shari.