Friday, September 5, 2008

My week in a canning jar!

Ok, the old saying is "my week in a nut shell" but my week can be summed up in a canning jar!!!
On Monday, I did my grape jelly. I got 25 jars of yummy fresh, grape jelly for this winter.
On Wed., I did my peach jam. I think I got about 20 jars of that...they are small little jars.
Yesterday, I did my applesauce. I got 12 pints of pretty pink applesauce for the winter.
I think our garden is about done, so I am probably done with tomatoes & salsa, but you never know! I have PLENTY of salsa made for winter.
On the stitching front, I have two finishes to show. The first one is a small exchange piece I did for one of my groups. We were sent the blank mini clip board & we were to decorate it however we would like. I put a magnet on the back of mine & a ribbon on the end. I stitched pansies, because I read that my partner loves pansies!
I have also finished my ornament for the month of Sept. I stitched O Christmas Tree by Follow the Leader Designs. It was in the 2007 issue of JSC ornaments. I made it into a floss tag. These little things are addicting! I love them!!!
Now, I am back to working on Kathy's neighborhood RR house!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone & thank you so much for stopping by & for leaving a comment. Your kind words mean the world to me!!!!


Debra said...

Shari, I'm coming over to get my jars. LOL! Nice stitching as always and it sounds like that would be a neat exchange. How does the buiding RR work?
Debra in Indiana

Julie said...

Shari, that mini is so cute as is the ornament.
Sounds like you store cupbaord is full up

shutterbug said...

The finishes look great. I'm trying to tell myself I don't need to make any floss tags but I'm not listening. :o) I know I'll break down.
Any chance you would want to share your canned tomatoes, salsa (yum!) and applesauce recipes and canning directions? I have never canned but have thought about it a lot. :o)
Hugs, Elaine

Wayne said...

Hey, it's a little monster with big upurple eyes. It is pretty. My computer is back so I can check up on your postings.

Sonda in OR said...

Yep, I'm hungry now! I've always been a bit envious of folks who can so efficiently!

Vickie said... are making me hungry! Love your finish

Marianne said...

Is the mailman delivering one of everything to my door? I'm tapping my impatient toe! : ) It all sounds yummy. Do like your finishes!

Christina said...

Wow, you have been busy. Great job on your mini and your ornament.

Sharon said...

Both are so pretty! Congrats.

Renee said...

So cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice finishes & I have never seen the mini clip board thing. How cute! I wish I lived closer to help you store some of the jars at my place, lol.