Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn Amazement

Good Monday morning,
I don't know about you, but to me there is just something special about Monday mornings. They are always a fresh start for me.
Fresh starts...oh my! That makes me think I need to make a fresh start on a new stitching project. I have found so many adorable freebies lately that I can't decide where to begin. I want to stitch them all!!!
I HAVE started two new projects since my last post. I started Amish Rules by Heart in Hand. It is an older design, but I saw it finished on the 123 board a few weeks ago & fell in love. I was able to get the pattern for a good price from the lady who finished it, so I did! This will be added to my Amish wall.
Next, I was sorting/organizing all of my magazines. Big mistake!!!!! I see more & more that I want to stitch. Most of them, I was able to tell myself....later. autumn piece just SCREAMED at me to stitch it NOW!!!!!!!! So, I gathered supplies & did just that!!! I started it immediately. It is in the Leisure Arts Cross Stitch magazine...volume 6 issue, 19. It is called Signs of Fall.
I had just barely started this & the next ornament RR package came in the mail. Being an organized stitcher & a stitcher who puts obligations ahead of her own stitching, I put those 2 projects aside & started the ornament. It took a lot longer than I anticipated it would, but I am happy to report that I finished it on Sat. Afternoon.
I then pulled the flosses for Sylvia's Oct. SAL piece. I started & finished this in one setting Sat. night. I love this project...each month it seems Sylvia comes up with an even cuter design!
Let's see...some of Autumn's Amazement......
Last Monday evening, my husband & I decided to take a walk. As we walked, it sprinkled just a tiny tiny bit.....we looked behind us & a beautiful rainbow graced the skies. I took a picture with my phone, so it isn't the best, but you get the idea.
Then, mid week, the farmer started harvesting our field. The next morning, I looked out & how beautiful......I will let you look at the picture to see the beauty I saw that morning.
Lastly, I have talked about my Ghost Chili pepper plants. They have ripened!!!!! I need to pick them & make a pot of chili for my son!! He will be so happy!!!
Ok, I think that is all for now. I HOPE I can figure out how to put captions under each picture. So many of you do, I want to figure out how!!!
have a wonderful, fall week!!!!


Mylene said...

Amazing pictures of the rainbow and the deers.

You have made a good start on your new projects, can't wait to see more and the rr block you stitched for Karin is just tooo cute.

wow! great to see a pic of your ghost chillies.

Mylene said...

oh forgot Sylvia's block, a pretty quick stitched isn't it and soo cute!

Sue said...

Such a cute block Shari!!!! Loved the rainbow photo also.

Julie said...

The rainbow pic is lovely, what a wonderful sight to see

Love the little owl for October in the SAL pic, he is adorable

Well done on the chilli plant, lots to harvest on there

Hazel said...

Great pictures! Love the rainbow. x

Carolyn NC said...

Love the rainbow - I saw one last week where you see all the colors of ROYGBIV! Can you tell I used to teach my children? haha. Wonderful projects and stitching!

Wendy said...

Wow! You have done some really nice stitching. Great work! Nice new start as well.
Love that picture of the deers!

Lynette said...

Great pictures Shari. Your stitching is all lovely, especially that cute rr block!
I love the picture with the rainbow.
Never seen chilli peppers actually growing on the plant before - they're looking good!

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures.

You are really putting out the stitching too. Your new projects look terrific plus you new square and the raccoon ornament looks almost three dimensional!!

Wayne said...

That racoon is just adorable. I love the colors and how it stands out.

Carol said...

What beautiful autumn images, Shari--I especially love the deer running through the field. We have two deer that visit our yard almost daily and I love to watch them play (a mother and her little doe).

Your newest block is so cute--love the owl's big eyes. And I've never seen ghost peppers before. I'm sure your chili will be delicious based on the other recipes that you've shared with me :)

My Life In Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching!!

Nancy M said...

Sounds like fall has got you going like Spring should! Great starts and good for you putting the RR before your personal stitching. I don't like people how don't take RR's seriously!

Mylene said...

Love your new background Shari. Beautiful!!

Meari said...

The autumn scenics are definitely pretty this year. I enjoy my drives between offices because it's nothing but corn and soybean fields being harvested, along with rolling hills and trees. Beautiful!

Your stitching looks good!

Sharon said...

What beautiful pitures...nature at it's finest!! :)
You're off to the races with your stitching and it's all looking great!!! :)