Friday, March 16, 2007

fabrics for quilt

Many of you have helped with quilt blocks for a quilt for me. For those of you who are clueless as to what I am referring to, I will fill you in.

One of the groups I am in decided to make quilts. We all came up with our own ideas on what we would like our quilts to be. I found 2 alphabet kid magazines that I had always wanted to do, but didn't want to take the time to do 52 blocks. So, that is what my quilts will be. I had people from all over the world stitching these blocks for me! I am happy to report that I have all 26 for the first quilt, so this summer, at the retreat the group is going to have, I am going to have help in putting the quilt together.

I still need blocks stitched for the second quilt.

But, I am so excited that the first one is ready to be made. I went to town last night & bought the material that I need for it. I am attaching a picture, so you can see how pretty the quilt will be!!!

If I have a few of the block pictures on the computer, I will add them too, so you can have an idea of what they look like!!!!(I can't find pictures of the blocks--sorry!)

If anyone would like to stitch a block for the second one, let me know!!! I would love to "fill it up!"

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~Kim~ said...

Great job on selecting the material for this quilt!! Cant wait to work on it with you. :)