Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday evening

hello everyone! It has been a while since I updated! We all had the flu in our house last week & are just now getting back to normal feeling. It was no fun. We don't wish that mess on anyone.

The whole 7 project rotation thing is not going to work for me. I enjoy my small finishes too much & I can't handle not getting the bigger ones done! So, I have a few finishes to show this time & progress on a couple of my large projects. I will be concentrating on them until they are done!!!

First, I can show my Sassy's Fabby finish for March. It is called Luscious Lavender. I did a san man freebie from sometime last year. I loved this pattern when I first got it, but never did it, so when I saw this fabric, I KNEW I had to do it.

Second, I did a quick Easter piece on the days I was really sick. It was a fun stitch! It is a Lizzie Kate.

I worked on my Bethlehem a bunch while I was sick & I also worked on my Dear Diary, Julia Flynn. I love how both of these are looking. I am going to try REAL HARD to finish Bethlehem this week, but we shall see!!! I think I may be dreaming!
Thanks for looking everyone & have a wonderful week!!!!


Sandy said...

Sorry you've been sick. Love your finishes. TFS. :D

Sally said...

I hope you're feeling better soon Shari {{{{HUGS}}}}

I love your finishes and WIPS. I joined Sassy's COTM club and can't wait to get my first piece. I love the colour and may stitch Just Nan Queen of the Needle on it!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to hear you've been sick! hope you're all better!
you're stitching's beautiful, as always. that sanman just pops on sassy's fabric!

Julie R's Crafting Blog said...

I am so sorry everyone has been sick at your house.

I love all your finishes and your WIPS. You are such a speedy stitcher!!!