Monday, March 19, 2007

weekend stitching

I cannot show a picture of my weekend stitching, BUT...I can tell you about it & get your excited about seeing the finish! I received my model fabric for Sassys on Thurs. Friday afternoon, I started my project. I finished it up yesterday late afternoon. I absolutely LOVE this color!!!!!! For those who don't know, I model stitch for Sassys Fabby's! I do the color of the month, in advance, so all of you can see a stitched piece on it when she introduces it! I LOVE DOING THIS FOR HER!!!!!!
I think you are all going to love the fabric for April & I cannot wait until I can show my stitched piece!

I pulled my Dear Diary---Julia Flynn back out today. I hope to work hard on it this week! I need to get back into the stitching ways that I used to do! I enjoyed that!
Have a wonderful week everyone & THINK SPRING!!!!!!!!


Susieq said...

I'll be sure to check it out the first part of April. I've never tried Sassy's yet.

Renee said...

You KNOW I cannot wait to see it!! Congrats on your finish!!! WOO HOO!!!