Monday, January 26, 2009

Problems, problems & more problems!!!

I am ready to take the computer & throw it out the window.
My husband was working on it on Friday, trying to make things better. Oops! Somehow he made it crash. Ok, we can deal with that. He has everything backed up, so we are safe. He gets everything off of it, and then restores it back to factory new. I thought we were good to go!!
Well, today, I am struggling looking at a couple blogs, I am struggling with sending some email,etc...
On top of that, the FROG has been here too often lately.
I do not have pictures to post today, because I don't think the printer/scanner is working properly with the computer.
BUT>>>>> I have made BIG progress, I think, on my model.
I also started my Quaker Christmas piece on Sat. Two dear friends came over for a stitching afternoon. They are both working on this piece too! It was funny watching all of us stitch. We each went about our piece differently. One stitches only in hand. One stitches with a frame. The other stitches with Q-snaps!
I felt like a little child with my stitching thou!!! I am stitching mine over 1 on 25 ct. One of them is doing over 1 on 28 & the other is doing over 1 on 36. Makes mine HUGE!!!
Ok, off to try to get more things working on this crazy machine!


Cindy F. said...

My computer crashed after we emailed each other earlier today!
I hope your computer is working tomorrow...and no more crashing!
Your SAL sounds fun! I think I did mine on 25 ct...I did it on whatever pattern suggested. It's big,,,but it sure is pretty!
Stitch in hand...I don't think I've ever except on pieces too small to fit in a hoop, scroll or q-snaps!

Connie B said...

Good luck with getting all you computer stuff back to normal. I know, it's a pain. Glad you had a nice stitchy afternoon!

Rachael said...

Oh Hun,I hope you manage to sort out your PC.
I am stitching A Quaker christmas but over two! couldn't cope with over one

Mylene said...

Hope your computer get fix soon.

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry that you're having so many technical difficulties! At least your stitching is coming along

Julie said...

I'm sorry you've got PC trouble, i hope it works out fine for you.

Maren said...

Sorry about your computer troubles. Hopefully, it'll be up and running smoothly again soon!

Wendy said...

Hope your computer is working now! I'm looking forward to see your progress on your project!

Debra said...

Sorry to hear about your pc problems and the frog. I wondered why you didn't have an update when I checked last Sunday. Now I know. Looking forward to seeing your picture progress.
Debra in Indiana