Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kitten Update

Well, it was Sunday night that the babies followed us home. Monday am, we saw one of the kittens. We didn't see any more the rest of the day. Monday evening, our neighbor called & asked if we were missing 3 kittens. I told her no, but I bet they were the ones who followed us home Sunday night.
Well, yesterday, my son & his friend were out climbing our huge maple tree. What should come chasing them, but 2 of the kittens. (we learned our neighbors friend took one of them home with her)
Today, I went out to look for the kittens. What should I find?!?!! The mom! And 3 kittens. One of whom we hadn't seen before!! So, there is still one missing. Oh my! The life of living in the country, where people dump their unwanted animals. The mom seems pretty content to lay on our porch, so who knows!
On the stitching front, it has been a pretty crazy week. I have had to babysit M,T,&W, since I have to take Friday off. We take our youngest to college that day.
I am working on my Christmas Village & also a new start ----Kindred Spirits by Charland Designs. It is really looking good! I will post pictures sometime this weekend.


Olenka's Stitches said...

Poor mom and kittens. They seem happy where they are now.

Julie said...

Shari, they look so cute,i hope mom decides to become part of your family.
Looking forward to seeing your new start

Lelia said...

Oh, very sweet. I think they will adopt you & they look happy : )

Wonderful stitching projects, too.

I understand the back-to-college thing. I have one at the local college & one away at college (one still in High School) it is a challenge / and there are definately changes

Christina said...

How sad for the kitties and their mom. How nice of you to take care of them.