Friday, November 21, 2008

Model progress & Tree to Cross

Wow, it has been over a week since I updated my blog. Time flies, for sure!
I have started on the model I am doing. I am taking it rather slowly here at first, because my eyes are bad. I went to the eye doctor yesterday, so hopefully sometime next week, I will be seeing better again. This getting older is for the birds!! The model is for Stephanie at
It is stitched over 1 on 28 ct. fabric. I am stitching Berries & Cherries. I LOVE IT!!!! It is so pretty & delicate!!!!
I am also attaching a picture of the Tree to Cross card that we framed after Christmas last year. We have a lot of the cards left, so I am offering to sell them for 3.00 each, postage included if anyone is interested. Just drop me a note & we can work out details.
I hope everyone has had a great week, has a great weekend & if I don't update again before than, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!
Thank you so much for reading & for commenting! It means so much to me!


Renee said...

Your model is looking FANTASTIC!!!! And you already know how much I love your Christmas card in that frame!!!! It's awesome!!!

Milly~ said...

Your model is fabulous Shari!

~Kim~ said...

Great progress!


Mylene said...

Your model is looking great, Shari. Honestly, i haven't done any yet on one over one.

Have a good weekend too.

Carolyn NC said...

Model is looking great! I am stitching one of Stephanie's personalized samplers as my main stitching project now. (Except it is not over one!)

Julie said...

Your model looks stunning!

Debra said...

Looks like you have a nice start on your model. Love the card and framing them is so neat.
Debra in Indiana