Thursday, November 13, 2008

Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker SAL /Materials Chosen!

I have finally decided on my materials for my Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker SAL piece. The SAL begins on Jan. 1st, so I have plenty of time yet.
I KNEW which flosses I wanted to use & got them quite a while ago. I was introduced to Nancy of the: Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. What awesome colors she has & oh my!!!!!! The prices are perfect! And the customer service is top notch as well. She is very quick to reply to emails & she send our your order very quickly.
I decided to go with a piece of fiddler's light aida that I had on hand. I am really trying to conserve money, so this was perfect. It is big enough & the colors I chose look great on it.
I have been tagged by a few people, but I am going to pass on participating in that this time. I have done this a while back. Thank you so much to those who tagged me.
I am hoping to have a finish to post today! Stay tuned!
Have a wonderful Thurs & thanks for looking & taking time to comment!!!!


Carolyn NC said...

Nice colors for the SAL. I'm toying with this one, but I have this really huge sampler to finish, so I'm debating, but it looks so tempting!

Carolyn NC said...

You are soooo bad! I just might have to cave. I see you're using three different colors. I'm debating on a wine type color, maybe. I saw the shop - great deals for sure. Does she hand-dye these herself? BTW,
I added my e-mail to my blog profile. :)

Milly~ said...

Nice colors Shari. Can't wait to see your progress on this SAL.

Julie said...

Lovely colours Shari, i'm so looking forward to starting this one on Jan 1st, its going to be such fun.

Mylene said...

Those are lovely colours you have chosen for the Quaker.

brokenfairy said...

Oh lovely coloured threads,
I still need to decide on mine!!